TJACH actively promotes the use of a uniform assessment strategy for our community. A coordinated assessment process ensures that all service providers are collecting the same demographic, client history and housing barrier information at the time of intake. Coalition members have agreed to use a coordinated assessment packet as part of this strategy. The coordinated assessment packet includes a standard intake sheet, a housing barrier assessment, authorization to enter data into HMIS, and a release of information authorizing members of the system of care to share information and coordinate services on behalf of the individual or family experiencing homelessness.

Click here for a copy of the Coordinated Entry Packet. This includes an assessment, called the VI-SPDAT, for single individuals and one for families. If you are working with a family, you need only complete the FAMILY VI-SPDAT. Please do not save this document on your hard drive. This is the only place that will have the most up-to-date version of the required forms.

Anyone working with a family or individual in need may complete the coordinated entry packet. Indeed, if you are already engaging with a family or individual, you should complete the packet with your client(s). Please do not send the household to The Haven for an assessment. Please complete the tool with your client.

Intake is offered at The Haven everyday to ensure that individuals and families not already working with an agency may gain access to services and programs.

Intake is available every weekday beginning as early as 9 am. Feel free to call to set up an intake appointment through the intake line 434-973-1234 x 113.