To review our FY2017 CoC Consolidated Application, please download a draft copy here.

Please click here for HUD’s annual Continuum of Care funding application announcement. This application process happens in three parts:  1) the CoC lead (TJACH) reviews and considers applications from local providers interested in being a part of the competition, 2) the CoC lead submits a master application for the region, and 3) the selected providers submit individual applications online to HUD under the CoC’s name. The full, complete application is due September 28, 2017 and we can expect to hear from HUD before the end of the year.

Background –

HUD has provided funds through this competitive process to support a variety of approaches to homelessness but has consistently preferred (both in policy statements and in funding decisions) that this funding be used for permanent supportive housing projects that adopt a housing first approach & philosophy. This CoC has used this funding source to support permanent supportive housing projects at Region Ten. HUD has been particularly focused on serving the needs of the chronically homeless through these permanent supportive housing processes.

This year –

This year, HUD will allow CoCs to use their CoC funding amount (which is fixed unless you win the ‘bonus’ round, which is VERY competitive and short on money), to reallocate money to support:

  • permanent supportive housing projects that meet requirements of DedicatedPLUS or the standard 100 percent dedicated for chronically homeless individuals and families
  • rapid rehousing projects that served individuals and families, including unaccompanied youth who meet the criteria outlined in the NOFA;
  • joint TH and PH-RRH component projects;
  • dedicated HMIS;
  • supportive services to develop or operate a new centralized or coordinated entry system

Because HUD has only funded permanent supportive housing programs historically and very few programs in our community have been eligible, TJACH’s selection process has been limited to a ranking & review process at the Service Provider Council. This year’s slightly broader funding scope requires a broader, more inclusive announcement and potential competition.

Eligibility –

HUD requires that applicants have a DUNS number, adopt a housing first approach, participate in the CoC, collect data in the Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS), have a current HUD-approved Code of Conduct and participate in the coordinated access process.

If you would like to submit an application for this year’s CoC process, please be in touch with me as soon as possible AND submit a brief (no more than 2 pages) mini-proposal to the TJACH Executive Director, Anthony Haro by email by August 7th for consideration by the TJACH executive committee. Please include the following –

– description of program/project proposed and whether it is an HMIS project, a rapid re-housing project, a permanent supportive housing project, support services for a coordinated entry project or a Joint TH and PH-RRH component project

– number of people served

– amount requested

– engagement with the CoC & coordinated access process

– ways that the program reflects housing first best practices

– how supportive services will be provided for housing participants, if requesting funds for a permanent supportive housing program

– experience serving the needs of people in a housing crisis and capacity to manage large federal grant

– how the project meets TJACH’s funding priorities & aligns with TJACH’s Community Plan to End Homelessness


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has organized local areas of service providers into entities called Continuums of Care (CoC). CoCs are designed to increase local collaboration and communication in an effort to improve homelessness services. TJACH serves as the Continuum of Care for the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle, Louisa, Fluvanna, Greene and Nelson Counties. The Service Provider Council coordinates the competitive ranking of eligible projects based on criteria reflecting unmet community needs and submits the regional application of funding. HUD provides funding for Shelter + Care, Supportive Housing Programs and Single-Room Occupancy projects through the Continuum of Care competition.

Local awards:

Charlottesville CoC Planning Project


Positive Places PSH


Region Ten Shelter + Care PSH


Region Ten Supportive Housing Program PSH


VA-504 Total


Click here to find out more about HUD Continuum of Care funding.