This page is where all the videos on how to maintain and update your website are located. The videos reside on YouTube and are embedded here. Above each video is the link that will take you to YouTube if you want to watch them there. This page is published but it is not linked anywhere on your website. There are 2 ways to access this page: 1. Access it directly via the link in your email and 2. On your Dashboard go to Pages –> All Pages and click on the page titled “Website Documentation” (will be on page 2 of your Pages). At the top you will see the Permalink. Click on that and it will take you to the page.

1  Intro to your website. This video gives you a tour of your website and introduces you to the sections.

2 – Customize your General Options and Blog Options.

3 – Customize your Menus and the Jumbotron Section on the webpage.

4 – Customize the About (Governance), Projects (Infographics), and Services (Learn More About TJACH) Sections.

5 – Customize the Latest News (Blog) Section, the Counter widget, the Team Section, and the Contact Us Section.

6 – Overview of the Widgets and how to customize the Footer Section.

7 – How to update your Calendar.

8 – Troubleshooting, Updates, and CSS Stylesheet.


Here is a demo of your webpage theme so you can see what the original site design looks like.

If you want to try to troubleshoot or update the coding on your own, there is a discussion forum where your question might have been answered by the developers: